Online Catalogs

Every Convey site is divided into catalogs, managed and populated by a vendor partner or an internal user. Catalogs contain

content, training or events that are posted and organized by the catalog owner. Many opportunities exist within the catalog for the organization to promote themselves to their audience.


Keep a library of catalog banners and use them to highlight a promotion, an event or special content. Banners can be scheduled in advance and easily uploaded and managed.

Informational Pages

Create website pages within the catalog to provide more information for the viewer. Add a combination of text, graphics, videos or hyperlinks on any page. Use an informational page to create a contact form to capture information from the viewer.

Event Calendar

Add a webinar or live event and have that event appear on the catalog event calendar. Take registration and credit card payment and provide registrants with all the information they need to attend.


Organize posts into folders to make it easier for viewers to navigate through the catalog. Create featured posts to appear prominently for the viewer.


Upload and manage files, create blog posts, and add events to the catalog. Posts can be scheduled, edited, and managed from the catalog.