Site Access

Convey platforms can be public or private, depending on the needs of the organization. Each Convey site has a custom URL that directs the viewer to the home page for a public site or to a login screen for a private site.

Private site login pages are customized with a message from the site owner. The viewer enters their email address as the login id and a password that they have set in advance. Users that forget their password can click the "Forgot Password" link to request a reset email.

Online catalogs and individual content can be viewed by everyone or made available only to specific members that have logged into the site.

API Integration/Single Sign On

Convey platforms integrate with other platforms through our single sign on API. Users can click a link from an external platform, come directly to a Convey platform and have their login preserved. The API allows the external platform to update the Convey member database with new, changed or deleted members.

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