Manage Site

All Convey sites are customized to meet the needs of the site owner. The home page delivers branding and messaging through informational pages, banners, videos and graphics. Add an event calendar to display selected events from catalog owners on the site. Turn a Convey site into a channel communication platform, a members' portal, or an ecommerce site through custom site options.

The Home Page

Convey site home pages are branded, customized and engaging. Add informational pages with a combination of text, videos, graphics and contact forms. Each site comes with up to 3 feature areas for an event calendar, videos, graphics, featured catalogs or posts, and advertising.

Site ads appear in banners, sponsored ads and a feature box. Featured content on the home page is managed dynamically from the site management console.

Setting Up Channel Program Sites

Turn a Convey site into a channel engagement platform by allowing vendor partners to maintain catalogs that become promotional and informational sections of the site for each vendor. Engage the channel team through events, training, content and promotions that are contributed directly from vendor catalogs.

Setting Up a Platform as a Profit Center Site

Every aspect of a Convey site is geared to generate revenue. Convey offers an automated process to sell advertising, offers paid site and catalog memberships, or allows catalogs to sell content, training and events. Convey manages the credit card transaction as the merchant and can transfer payment through its automated clearinghouse.