Convey CRM

Convey platforms have CRM capabilities to track catalog, user and member data. The CRM is set up by adding sections and fields within those sections to capture and organize data. The data inside the CRM fees the Convey reporting engine for downloading and analysis.

Catalogs, Members, Users

The CRM can be set up to track data on catalogs, members and users. The catalog and member CRM can be populated by data added by site administrators and by data added from catalog and member applications

CRM Set Up

The CRM is set up by adding sections to organize data and fields within those sections. Sections collapse or expand to make them easier to view. Fields can be formatted for text, numbers, lookup values, select boxes, dates and times, or text areas.

Adding Data

Data is added to the CRM by site administrators and can also come from applications. Fields can be moved around on the page to make data entry easier.


The CRM data is fed into the Convey reporting engine so that reports can be viewed online or downloaded.